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Plant Gallery

Here you will find great Photos of most of the Tropical plants, trees and vines commonly (sometimes not so commonly) used in Interior Plantscapes. A Green Company ? You bet!

[ High Light Plants ]    [ Medium Light Plants ]    spathiphyllum[ Low Light Plants ]

At this time we just have them divided by light requirements, later we will refine that further and also catalog by size, foliage, flowering, toxic, beneficial (clean air), Etc.

So click High - Medium - or Low light   and check them out.

Clients may order through the normal contacts with us-If you are not an existing customer just copy and past the plant ID # let us know how many, what sizes, where, and when you need them and we will send you a quote. If you are in the Metro Denver, Co. area we will also provide a quote on our award winning "Guaranteed Maintenance" service if you like. 

We guarantee to deliver your new plants in great condition - up to or beyond industry standards, clean, healthy and ready for your plantscape. Because of the variances in care, environments and conditions after delivery, without our Maintenance service we unfortunately cannot guarantee survivability and health after delivery is accepted.. If you need care instructions, they can be found elsewhere on this site, in books, or on request from our office when ordering.

Please call (303) 422-2628 or e mail at sales@plantscaping.net for more details or to get questions answered.

New! Our Plantscaping guide. A very well done 6 page color plant selector guide with interior light requirements and more. A must have when designing your spaces. Free with all proposals.

If you Need help picking just the right plant for your space, Our 6 page, plant selector guide, will help you avoid costly errors.  Buyers can also contact us for specific instructions or advice on their plantscape.