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We want to be your plant company!

Commercial or Residential

We can turn an average looking space into a beautiful asset or put the finishing touch to your already beautiful building, lobby, atrium, office, home, hospital, restaurant, retirement center or any other space that needs great plantscape. We bring nature inside.

Our services Include...

•Full Service plantscaping

•Plantscape Lease / purchase / rentals

•outdoor plantings - flower boxes

•ongoing care - fully guaranteed.

•Seasonal color(potted flower) rotations

•seasonal/holiday Deco / design and professional installations/removals

•Professional plantscape designer consulting & project management

•Designer planters - extensive collection of high impact containers.

Tier Squares in Burnished Bronze with Dracaena Deremensis Warneckii, European Rectangle in Burnished Bronze with Dracaena Marginata tips


Interior Plantscaping (AKA interior Landscaping, indoor landscapes, Plantscaping)changing...
When Rocky Mtn. Foliage Co  began in 1979, We found that plants were incorporated into an environment, if at all, because they were pretty, they filled up space, and they softened an often harsh commercial interior, all still true but also much more.

Often we saw the wrong plants were used in poor, Mismatched, containers and not sized or designed properly for the spaces they were in....That has changed - a lot!
Lobby group in silver Eu planters

Today, plants play a key role in:

  • Establishing a positive corporate image or living space- It's hard to Imagine a great lobby or other important spaces without great plants!  
  • Improving employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity
  • Creating building spaces that are perceived as more expensive and comfortable.
  • Reducing indoor air pollutants and aiding humidity control
  • Speeding up recuperation from stress and illness

The Process

We work with architects, building owners, designers and managers to develop a design to truly enhance the appearance of your building, office or home and create a warm, tropical environment. Whether you want just a few plants or require hundreds of plants for a mall, Hotel, health care facility or office campus, we will tailor the design to fit your needs and budget requirements. With over 33 years experience, we get it right and do it for less - guaranteed! 

We offer a wide variety of beautiful, acclimated plants and unique decorative containers. 

Already have a service? Let us offer a (no obligation) free review and competitive quote to restore, upgrade or just save monthly expense on your plantscape.

 Much independent research over the last several years, clearly documents the benefits of professionally designed and maintained interior plantscapes.

  • Savings attributed to decreased employee sick time
  • Increased profits due to improved employee focus and accuracy
  • Improved customer and employee relations through a friendlier image
  • Reduced insurance claims by creating healthier indoor air
  • Increased occupancy rates and rents
  • Savings in health care costs by aiding the healing process for patients and improving worker satisfaction
Rocky Mtn. Foliage Co. stays on top of current trends and research and can guide the architect, designer, facility manager, or corporate executive in developing a planting plan that will focus on their particular needs for any type of project.

Innovative designs, responsible planning, up to date information, reliable procurement and installation procedures, impeccable on-going care services…this is what Rocky Mtn. Foliage Co. clients have come to know and appreciate… and our plants are still very pretty.

Contact us today for information on how to get started! Estimates and proposals ar always free!

Purchase or Lease?
Each customer has the choice of purchasing or leasing plants, containers or one or the other. You'll always receive the same quality maintenance service including our free replacement guarantee whether you purchase or lease. The major difference is the initial investment. Obviously when you purchase, your initial cash outlay will be greater... but you will own all the foliage and containers.- - same guarantee, our Techs never know the details. Their job is to keep your plantscape beautiful regardless of the agreements.

If you choose to lease... your initial investment is lower and a monthly lease payment is required. Lease contracts are typically one or two years. After the initial lease period you have the option to buy all of the merchandise for the agreed upon price in the original contract at a pre-determined discount... or you may continue to make monthly lease payments at a pre - arranged discount discount off the initial lease rate.

Our custom containers and large specimen foliage plants cannot be leased. Foliage material directly planted into building atriums (in-ground planters) must be purchased.

  • Interior Plantscaping and plantscape consulting
  • for your business or home in metro Denver, Colorado...National consulting on commercial projects.

  • We can do the interiorscape (design, selection, installation Etc) from scratch, off your floor plan, starting before or after construction, or work with your designer, engineer and space planner to bring their vision to life. We will restore your old dated or neglected plantscape to its original beauty or do a total redesign or anything in between.

  • Never any charge for Proposals and estimates. Also Free consulting/design work  if we are to be your interior plantscape firm.

Plants are installed at your site by our fully trained specialists. Depending on the size of the job, some of the installation processes will be performed at the our greenhouse or  warehouse facility. All plants will be properly staged into their decorative containers and topped with fiber moss or other appropriate ground cover.

All plants come from special growers in Florida, California or  Hawaii and are shade acclimated before shipping - Foliage will be further conditioned, prepped and acclimated at our warehouse prior to installation. All plants do best when properly acclimated not only to lower light conditions, but more importantly... to our dry air. Being a local Colorado company for more than three decades, we know better than most what works for your plantscape! Your plantscape will be beautiful after the installation and our Techs will keep them that way - Guaranteed!

All maintenance agreements include our free replacement guarantee. Which means, we will, at no cost to you, replace any plant included in the agreement with the same size and type of plant if it becomes:

  • Unsightly for any reason under our control
  • Diseased
  • Reaches maximum growth in it's present container or no longer fits in the area installed.
  • Expires due to normal conditions - We normally will have replaced long before it actually dies...
  • Or is determined to be unhealthy by our quality control Mgr.

A neat, polite, fully trained maintenance technician wearing a company  shirt or uniform will visit your site each week. The technician will check the moisture level, clean, prune, rotate and check for diseases and pests. We will fertilize as needed according to the environment in your spaces.. We will also remove debris from the top of the plant and make sure that the moss and staging are still as per the original design. Our Techs also clean up around the plant and as well as the planters.

A senior technician or Quality control manager will inspect your account several times a year to insure that each plant meets our acceptable quality guidelines. If a plant is found unacceptable for any reason it will be replaced in a very timely manner and/or appropriate actions will be taken to bring it up to our standards. 

Disease and pest control - It our company policy to never use any toxic sprays in public spaces. All on - site treatments are limited to and are performed using organic and biological methods. We use soap or alcohol and water to keep plants clean. If a plant does become affected by disease or infested with pests... we will remove it and treat it at our facility In atriums we may use biological predators to control pests. Good plant housekeeping is the best preventative!


Assorted Mums (or Chrysanthemums) Bromeliads - Guzmanias,
Azaleas and Easter Lilies, Orchids, Bromeliads - Silver Vase, in December: Poinsettias...Others as available.

Periodic color rotations are a necessity in today's modern office environment. Live flowering plants make a positive... professional, beautiful and changing visual impact for your business.

We will design a rotation schedule to meet your needs. Whether you want the same type of flowering plant each time... or a different variety with each rotation, we will handle all the details to ensure you always have healthy blooming plants. Ask about our fresh cut floral arrangements Delivered weekly or as desired to you.

The cost of a color rotation is built into your maintenance contract and can be adjusted as needed. Also can be billed as a separate line item.