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Lobby Plantscape - two ficus in Cube planters

The Great Rocky Mountain Foliage Company !
Distinctive Interior Landscaping - Serving Metro
Denver, Co since 1979.

Interior Plantscaping products and services ...

  •  Unique Designs

  •  Commercial and Residential Programs

  •  Lush, Acclamated Interior Plants and Flowers

  •  Professional Installations

  •  National Consulting

  •  Sales and leasing

  •  Designer Plants, Planters, Plant Containers and accessories

  •  Guaranteed Plantscape Maintenance

  •  Holiday Decor

  •  Special Events

  •  New * Custom Site Amenities! Inquire.

Aglos in Italia planters

Our areas of experience and expertise include...

•Cluster (multiple location) clients. Let us do all of your locations at a great savings!

•Office and commercial Buildings - Lobby and atrium areas.

•Hospitality - Hotels; Full Plantscapes - New construction) or redesign of existing.

•Hospitals and Medical service facilities - We do more then anyone else - Let us bid on your facility.

•Offices - Small to entire office building and beyond

•Restaurants - We know how to service restaurants without getting in the way or causing conflicts!

•Model Homes - Nothing helps sell like beautiful green plants and Floral arrangements.

•Residential - We service plantscapes in some of the finest homes in the Metro Denver area.

•New Construction - Design and planning - We will work with your team to get it right the first time.

•Rocky Mountain Foliage Co. is Locally owned and operated by true plant lovers - We want your business and will work hard to get it and just as hard to keep it.

Just some of the reasons that Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years! <

Symmetry Cylinder and Tall Cylinder Cluster in Dark Sapphire with Bromeliads