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Low light plants

Low light - Medium to low light areas (not dark!)

Lower light areas like an interior corridor without windows

a few nice examples of the many available choices...

Note: While we note plants as high, medium, low light, there is some crossover. Some higher light plants may be okay in lower light environments and some lower light specimens are workable in higher light levels when maintained by skilled maintenance technicians.


Chamaedorea seifrizii-Bamboo palml-EUSQ_plantscaping.net

Dracaena fragrans Massangeana-MassCane-Plantscaping.net
Chamaedorea elegans-www.plantscaping.net
Golden Pothos-EUSQ_www.plantscaping.net
Dracaena marginata-EUSQ_plantscaping.net
Philodendron selloum-EUSQ_plantscaping.net

Many more low light plants are available - Please contact us for details and/or a proposal with no obligation.